Believe by Brian Diebold

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Brian Michael Diebold is an American contemporary Christian singer/songwriter, born December 26, 1980. Born and raised just outside of Chicago, Brian comes from an extremely loving, close knit family, whose love of music was known to bring people together over the years. Everyone was welcome at the Diebold household growing up.

Diebold grew up in a home filled with loving parents, loving siblings, and a healthy competitiveness between brothers and sisters when it came to almost everything….especially sports and music. Brian developed a deep love for singing and songwriting at a very young age however he found it hard to share his talents with so many other talented musicians around….He wasn’t sure if he could measure up. In fact, the only time he could muster up the courage to sing was after he had a few drinks. This is important because by his late teens he had already developed a serious drinking problem, and the next ten years of his life became a virtual nightmare.

It wasn’t until April of 2016 that Brian experienced the healing and redemptive power of praise and worship music, and it shook him to the depths of his soul. It literally changed his life forever. He had never been so moved, and felt so close to the Lord, as he did while he first listened, and eventually began to lead the worship at his faith based recovery program. He had always used his writing as an outlet for healing, but for the first time he was completely consumed by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. He had finally found what he was put on this earth to do... Praise Jesus!

Download "Believe" Today

This album is about hope… If you’ve ever been beaten down by the consequences of your own decisions, by the results of your own sins, this album is for you. We all struggle with something, its inherently human to do so. He made us this way on purpose; I’m not strong enough to do this on my own… I need the love, forgiveness, and grace of Jesus Christ every single day just to make it through. Surrender is the key to true strength. He wants to love you and help you….let him. Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to share what you have given me in my heart. Thank you Creed Warner, Pastor Douglas Lidwell, Heather Lidwell, and my family for believing in me. Above all, THANK YOU JESUS for letting me live through my addiction to tell my story.

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